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Outreach Contact Engagement Score
Answer ID 4197   |   Last Review Date 11/14/2018

What is the Outreach Contact Engagement Score?


Outreach and Feedback, November 2010 and newer


Beginning in November 2010, Oracle B2C Service Outreach evaluates the disposition of contacts for receiving marketing email and assigns each contact a Marketing Engagement Score.

This statistic is calculated daily based on each contact’s hourly transaction history, such as content viewed, links clicked, web form and survey submittals, marketing emails forwarded, SmartSense ratings, and service transactions. The score value is stored in the ma_scorecard.score field, which is available for reports, segments, campaign decisions, workspaces, workspace and script rules, and workflow connectors.

Outreach transaction data scalability improvements:
The November 2010 release also features more efficient retention and access of marketing transaction data, including faster processing of segments and reports related to Outreach and Feedback transactions. These efficiency improvements are made possible by the following changes.

  • Data older than 400 days is automatically truncated from the following tables: Marketing Activities (ma_trans), Bounced Messages (bounced_msgs), Mailing Exclusions (exclude_trans), and RNMD Event Log (rnmd_event_log).
  • The Marketing Stats (ma_stats) table summarizes records in the Marketing Activities (ma_trans) table that share a unique combination of mailing_id, format_id, doc_id, flow_id, flow_web_page_id, and type values. This ensures that summary marketing transaction statistics remain available indefinitely, even after the originating ma_trans records have been truncated. All transactions related to unsubscribe, including list-unsubscribe header, feedback loop unsubscribe, and unsubscribe, will remain in the Marketing Activities table.

Two new reports, Mailing Activity Trend and Campaign Activity Trend, have been added to provide access to the new summary data. Also, several existing reports have been updated to draw data from the ma_stats table instead of the ma_trans table.

• Campaign Responses
• Sent Email
• Interaction Volume Analysis
• Web Form Conversion
• Transaction Volume
• Campaign Responses
• Survey Link Activity

This release also deprecates a few reports that used the ma_trans table, including the Mailing
Response Analysis, Invitation Message Response Analysis, Mailing Delivery Analysis by
Media, and Invitation Messages Delivery Analysis by Media reports.

In addition, you can now access a new rnmd_event_log table to report on transactions of the
mailer daemon (RNMD), such as process start and completion times and errors.

For additional information, refer to the 'Improving conversion rates' section in online documentation for the version your site is currently running.  To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.