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Creating a link to a public answer from another public answer
Answer ID 411   |   Last Review Date 06/21/2021

How do I create a link to a public answer from another public answer?


Answers, HTML Editor, All versions


The HTML editor is always enabled when editing answers. How to link to another answer depends on if you are in Design mode or Source mode.

Design mode: If you are in Design mode, click the Answer Link icon from the editor option. In the pop-up window, enter the answer ID and link text of the answer you are linking to. When using this option, the application automatically generates the underlying link format. You can view the underlying code by clicking the Source option.

In addition, you can enter other attributes associated with the link such as the title, target and anchor attributes.

  • Text - The text you want to appear to customers. Note, if this field is left blank, Answer Link will display to customers.
  • Title - The text you want to appear to customers when they hover over the link title.
  • Target - The target location where you want the contents of the link to display. Note, if you want the answer to open in the current window, leave this field blank.
  • Anchor - Type the answer in this field to link to a specific location in a long string of text in an answer. This allows customers to link to the exact location.


Source mode: If using the Source mode to enter HTML code for your answer content, to create a link to another answer, use the format below:

<rn:answer_xref answer_id="y" />

where y is the Answer ID of the answer you would like to link to. Note that the quotation marks are required when using this format. The ending space and slash ( / ) are also required.

With this format, you can also customize the text that is used to create the link by adding a text attribute to specify the text to use. The format to use is:

<rn:answer_xref contents="Custom text here" answer_id="y" //>

Example of Link to Another Answer: The example below shows what is typed in the answer and what appears to the end-user.

Text as Typed in Answer Field: 

If you would like more information about including graphics in Oracle B2C Service, please see <rn:answer_xref answer_id="y" />.

Appears to End-User as: 

If you would like more information about including graphics in Oracle B2C Service, please see Storing additional files and graphics for answers.


For additional information, refer to the 'Inserting answer links' section in online documentation for the version your site is currently on.  To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.