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Guided Assistance on Customer Portal
Answer ID 4061   |   Last Review Date 07/31/2019

Can Guided Assistance be used in Customer Portal?


Guided Assistance
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


You can use Guided Assistance on Customer Portal.

New to Customer Portal User Interface

  • Ability to have guides within Customer Portal
  • Set of default pages and widgets
  • External integration – the ability to collect interactions and interact with external web pages

Customers select customizable links at each level until they reach the last level of the Guide.
Note: Guided assistance must first be enabled for your site by Oracle. Please contact your account manager for entitlement of this feature.

To configure Guided Assistance:

  1. Add Guided Assistance to the navigation set for your profile. Refer to Creating a navigation set for the CX administrator.

  2. Grant profile permission to create guides. Refer to Assigning guided assistance permissions to profiles.

  3. Assign profiles to staff accounts

  4. Create content (answers or assets) and guides.To create a new guide:
    1. Go to Configuration > Service > Guided Assistance Explorer
    2. Click New from the ribbon
    3. Create Questions and Responses mapped to guide
    4. Create start-point answer to make guide accessible
    5. Save your guide
    6. Test your guide and make changes as needed.
      Refer to Create or edit a guide.

  5. To display a guide to agents, add the Guided Assistance control to a workspace selected in the agent profiles.
    1. Open the workspace for edit you want to add the guide to.
    2. Select or Add a tab to the workspace where you would like to place the guide.
    3. From the Control tab, in the Relationship Items section, drag and drop 'Guided Assistance' into the workspace.
    4. Click Save
      See also Adding guided assistance to workspaces and 
      Configuring relationship items in workspaces

  6. To display a guide to customers, add the GuidedAssistant widget to the customer portal. The GuidedAssistant widget is present on the Answer Details page by default.  This widget can be placed on any Customer Portal page. Refer to Configuring the GuidedAssistant widget.

Note: To call a specific guide, you need to include the static_guide_id attribute in the widget. To get the ID value for the guide you want to reference, from the Guided Assistance Explorer in the console, click the Choose Details and enable the ID checkbox and the column of the ID values will display.

Then on the page that you want to reference the guide, the widget would include the attribute with the specific ID value. Something like:

<rn:widget path="knowledgebase/GuidedAssistant" static_guide_id="3" />

For additional information, refer to the 'Guided Assistance' section in the Online Help User Guide documentation for the version your site is currently running. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.