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Copying a report
Answer ID 378   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

How do I copy a report?




The specific steps for copying a report depend on which version of Oracle you are using. You can create a copy of both standard and custom reports, including the Answers Viewed, Staff Performance, or Service Summary reports, for example.

When creating a copy of a custom report, create the copy first -- without making changes to the current report. Then, open up the copy to make your changes.

If copying a report with schedules or alerts, only the report will be copied.  The schedules and alerts are not copied over to the new report. This ensures that recipients of the original report do not receive additional reports for copies that are created at a later time or are sent to unintended recipients.

Note: You can export report configurations from one site and then import them into another site. For more information, refer to Answer ID 2566: Exporting and Importing Report Configurations

To copy a report:

  1. From the Analytics button, in the left-hand frame, click the Reports Explorer.
  2. In the right hand frame, right click on the report you would like to copy, and select Copy.
  3. In the pop-up window, select the interface to copy the report to.
  4. Click the directory and folder where you would like to save your copy. Folders not accessible for the interface you selected are grayed out.
  5. In the Name field, enter a new name for the copy of the report and click Save.

From the Reports Explorer, you can right click on the copy of the report and select Edit to edit your copy. Once you have modified the copy of the report, save your changes. Double click on the report name in the explorer to verify the contents and display of your new report.

If you are editing an existing report, you can click the Save icon and select Save As to create a copy of the report you are editing. When the new copy of the report is saved, the name of the report changes above the toolbar and you will be editing the report that you just created. That is, if you open Report A and click Save As and save the report as Report B, you will now be editing Report B.

Note: When a report is copied, it retains the information from the original report, including the original title. To update the title of the report, double-click on the Title field or right click and select Edit Text Field. In the pop-up window, update the contents of the Text field.

You can also delete the field. To add a new title field, click the Insert tab at the top of the page, and click Text Field. Select the text field you want. Then, click the location in the report to drop the new field. Right click on the text field to make changes.


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