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Description of SmartAssistant
Answer ID 322   |   Last Review Date 07/22/2019

What is SmartAssistant and how does it help our customer base?


SmartAssistant Suggested Solutions
Oracle B2C Service


SmartAssistant is a term for the intelligent feature set that helps both end-users and staff members to find answers that have been published to the end-user pages.

Related Answers:

There are two main technologies that underlie SmartAssistant. The first is a "Swarm Intelligence-styled" approach to data mining -- otherwise known as Related Answers. Related Answers are the links that sometimes show up at the bottom of an answer that you are reading on the end-user interface.

This feature of SmartAssistant continually monitors end-user sessions, gathering information about which answers your customers are finding most helpful, and tracking the path by which those customers are reaching those answers. When you click a link to view a Related Answer, in effect you are given access to information that other users frequently viewed as well; thus, learning from the experiences of other customers who have had issues similar to yours.

Suggested Solutions:

A second technology utilized is Natural Language Processing, which is performed during searching and when submitting an Ask a Question request. The results of the Natural Language Processing are then compared against the published knowledge base to find the best matches.

This technology is used for SmartAssistant suggested solutions, both when configuring workflow rules to suggest answers in a preliminary response, or when staff members click the Suggestions... button when editing an incident.

Essentially, the subject and thread of an incident are language-parsed and fed through the searching algorithm of Oracle B2C Service. This content is compared to clusters of answers to determine which cluster the incident content best matches. A set of the closest matching answers from the answer cluster are returned from your published answers.

Reduce Solved Count of Unused Answers:

In addition, the agedatabase utility provides the ability to manage the size of the database by pruning old SmartAssistant information from the clicktrack (session tracking) and links tables. Agedatabase also implements a decay function on the score of both answers and links so that unaccessed information receives a lower ranking over time. As a result, answers that have not been accessed in a long time have their score reduced and are less likely to be listed as a related answer.

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