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Sending HTML email messages
Answer ID 321   |   Last Review Date 11/23/2019

Can I send HTML email messages?


HTML Outbound Emails, Oracle B2C Service

All versions using Mail Scripts
November 2012 and later using Message Templates


In Oracle B2C Service, email messages are always sent in multi-part format. This means that if the end-user has an HTML-enabled mail reader, the message will be formatted and displayed instead of a simple text layout. If the end-user's mail reader is not HTML-enabled, the current text version of the message is displayed.

For more information on customizing the content of your Message Templates email messages, refer to Answer ID 5380: Customizing notifications and email messages sent by Oracle B2C Service

Staff notifications: Some messages are not actually email messages that get sent automatically. Instead, some messages listed are staff notifications that are sent to the Communication Center.

This includes the following:Incident Assigned, Incident Re-assigned, Incident Updated, and Incident Closed by User. Notifications cannot be enabled for HTML.

To enable or disable HTML messages, use the steps below:

In November 2012 and later, Message Templates Enabled

  1. Go to Configuration > Site Configuration > Message Templates
  2. Choose the interface you want to set up HTML email for
  3. In the ribbon, select the Contact Emails or other ribbon button
  4. For the applicable message(s), make sure the HTML boxes are checked
  5. Select Save