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Languages available for Oracle B2C Service products
Answer ID 318   |   Last Review Date 12/08/2021

Are Oracle B2C Service products available in other non-English languages?


Oracle B2C Service, Languages, Opportunities, Chat, Outreach/Feedback

As part of Oracle B2C Service, this information also pertains to the Browser UI (BUI) product feature.


Oracle B2C Service, Opportunities, Chat, Outreach and Feedback can be installed in the following languages: 

 Arabic*** English - Australian Korean**
 Austria German English - Great Britain Latvian
 Belgium Dutch English - India Lithuanian
 Belgium French English - Ireland Norwegian
 Brazilian Portuguese English - North American Polish**
 Bulgarian Estonian Portugal Portuguese
 Chinese, Simplified - Mainland China ** Finnish Romanian
 Chinese, Traditional - Hong Kong (Cantonese)**          French - Canadian Russian
 Chinese, Traditional - Taiwan (Mandarin)** French - European                           Serbian
 Croatian German Slovenian
 Czech** Greek Spanish
 Danish Hungarian Swedish
 Dutch Italian Turkish
  Japanese** Ukrainian

** Spell check functionality not yet available
*** Arabic language interfaces only support standard text, email handling, and incident response functionality. The User Interface and labels will remain in English. Arabic Chat and spell checking is not available at this time. Please contact your Account Manager for further information about Arabic language support.

For information on languages available in other product areas, please see Supported Languages by Product area.


Language Packs & Message Bases: When a language pack is applied to an interface on your site, the interface’s message base is not translated into the new language, nor are any of the original files removed. The language pack application only installs a new language directory and then updates the language root directory so that the interface will use the new message base files only.  As such, an interface can only utilize one language at a time – multiple interfaces are necessary for customers who wish to implement the Oracle B2C Service solution in a variety of languages.

The language pack must be applied to an interface at the time that it is created. In order to change the language pack on an existing interface, the existing interface will need to be disabled and a new interface will be created with the appropriate language pack. For more information, refer to Changing the language of an interface.

Translation of the content of your knowledge base (i.e. published answers, standard responses, and specific product/category names) into another language is the responsibility of the customer.

Outlook Integration: The pages associated with Outlook Integration display in English regardless of the language pack associated with the interface or site.

Determining Language IDs for use in Customizations: The language IDs for your site are listed within the Data Dictionary (located in the Configuration Navigation area within the Database folder.) In the Data Dictionary expand the Incidents table and click on the Languages field to see a list of the languages and IDs for your site.

**  To request support for languages not listed above, please visit the Idea Lab to post your suggestion.  **

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