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Printing and reporting all our public answer content
Answer ID 307   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

How can I print all the public answers for our site?




From within Oracle B2C Service, there is no means to print all of your answers with all of their content formatted for display. You can, however, create a custom report that includes the following answer fields as columns in the report: Answer ID (answers.a_id), Summary (answers.summary), Question (answers.description), and the Answer text (answers.solution). When defining the report output columns, you can add additional fields as you deem necessary.

For more information on creating custom reports, refer to the appropriate answer according to your version of software:

When creating a report that includes the content of the question and answer fields, we recommend that you limit the number of answers included in the report to be between 300 and 500 answers due to the size of the report that is generated.

You can include a run-time filter based on the Answer ID field using the "between" operator so that you can specify a range of answer IDs when you generate the report. For larger knowledge bases, you may need to run the report a few times so that you can capture the information from all answers in your site.

HTML Code Displays: 

You can remove the HTML code from your question and answer fields by editing the column format. When configuring the report, right click on the Question (description) or Answer (solution) field and select Edit Column Format. In the pop-up window, enable the Strip HTML tags check box and click OK.

With this option, you will see the basic, unformatted content of the field in your report. The content is not rendered (formatted) since the HTML code has been removed from the report.