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Setting the number of SmartAssistant suggested solutions
Answer ID 285   |   Last Review Date 07/22/2019

How do I set the maximum number of SmartAssistant suggested solutions that display when an end-user asks a question?


SmartAssistant Suggested Solutions


The SA_NL_MAX_SUGGESTIONS configuration setting specifies the number of SmartAssistant solutions displayed in multiple areas of Oracle B2C Service:

  • when the end-user submits an Ask a Question request and suggested solutions are displayed for consideration.
  • when suggested solutions are sent to an end-user automatically when an assistance request is sent via email to a configured mailbox.
  • when the support agent click Suggestions from an open incident.

In addition, the SA_WF_SOLNS_EXPAND_CNT  setting allows you to specify how many of the suggested solutions will display the answer content as expanded text (instead of a link). By default, this setting is set to 0 so that all suggested solutions display as links.

Path to setting(s): Select Configuration from the navigation area > Site Configuration > Configuration Settings > and search by Key.

For additional information, refer to the 'Using SmartAssistant to Suggest Answers Before Questions are Submitted' section in the Online Help User Guide documentation for the version your site is currently running. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.