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Sort by Menu Sequence
Answer ID 2812   |   Last Review Date 03/18/2019

How can I specify the order of menu fields in my report?


Analytics, Changing sort options
Oracle B2C Service


Menu fields can be sorted by the sequence of the field's entries.  Note: This option is available only when editing custom reports. It is not available at run-time.

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By default, when sorting information in a report using a menu field, the information is sorted by the menu field’s entries in alphabetic order. For example, in an incident custom menu field for severity, the options are: 1 = Severe, 2 = Mid-Range, and 3 = Unimportant.  In ascending order, which is alphabetical, the output would list records with Mid-Range, then Severe, and then Unimportant severities.

However, when editing a custom report and defining the report’s default sort order (Home ribbon > Analyze > Sort > shown in the above screen shot), you can select the Sort by Menu Sequence check box to sort by the order of the menu field’s entries.

Therefore, sorting the Severity field by sequence in ascending order would result in records with Severe, then Mid-Range, and then Unimportant severities. In this example, this sort order would likely be more helpful for those using the report.

For additional information, refer to the 'Change sort order from the ribbon' section in the Online Help User Guide documentation for the version your site is currently running. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.