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Error messages when opening incident file attachments
Answer ID 2810   |   Last Review Date 01/13/2019

Why am I getting an error message when I try to open incident attachments?


File Attachments
Oracle B2C Service


This is often caused by illegal characters entered into the attachment's name - caused by copying a file path that includes a new line or carriage return from another application straight into the Oracle B2C Service.  Simply deleting those values should fix the attachment and allow you to open it.

This is correctable within the console by right-clicking on the incident attachment, and clicking Properties.  If there is an illegal character in the file name, you can generally see it as a [][] value in the File Name field.  

Guidelines for file names for attachments:

1. Use upper or lowercase alphanumeric characters and the underscore symbol, Oracle B2C Service  does not preserve letter case. A mix of upper and lowercase characters is allowed but ignored

2. File names begin with a letter or an underscore characters.

3. File name cannot include spaces or other special characters such as # or @.

4. File name lengths are restricted to 100 characters.

5. File names characters must comply with UTF-8 encoding rules regardless of the language of the interface used.  

6. There are no system reserved words for file names.