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Mapping Oracle B2C Service and Outlook fields
Answer ID 2806   |   Last Review Date 12/31/2018

What fields are used when synchronizing Outlook to Oracle B2C Service for emails, tasks, and contacts?


Outlook Integration


Email and Contact data:
 Oracle B2C Service  Outlook
 First Name  First Name
 Last Name  Last Name
 Title  Title
 Email  Email
 Email Alt 1  Email 2
 Email Alt 2  Email 3
 Office Phone  Business
 Home Phone  Home
 Mobile Phone  Mobile
 Fax Phone  Business Fax
 Assistant Phone  Assistant
 Organization  Company


For address information, Oracle B2C Service will use the data from Outlook that is selected as the mailing address:
 Street Street 
 City City 
 Postal Code ZIP/Postal Code 
 State/Prov State/Province 
 Country Country/Region 

For email, all that occurs is putting the email information in a Note for the records you select to sync to.  You can sync the email to Organization, Opportunity, Contact, and Incidents.
 Oracle B2C Service Task Outlook Task 
TaskId   Role (stores the RN task's ID)
 Name  Subject
 Notes  Body
 Priority  Importance
 Start Date  Start Date
 Due Date  Due Date
 Pct Complete  Percent Complete
 Status (id, type)  Status