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Report Linking in Oracle B2C Service Analytics
Answer ID 2789   |   Last Review Date 11/14/2018

What is report linking?


Analytics, Report Linking feature
Oracle B2C Service (OSvC), May 2009 and later


Oracle B2C Service Analytics offers the ability to include links in reports that take the user to a separate report.  Because linked reports allow you to seamlessly drill down from one report to another, users no longer need to recreate identical levels for multiple reports - users can create the level once and have multiple reports link to it. 

Before you create report links, you should be familiar with the variables and run-time selectable filters in the reports or dashboards you are linking to since you define the values you want to use for these every time you create a report link. In addition, you should know whether you want to use unconditional or conditional links.

Users can create links between reports using the Report Linking wizard or the Conditional Report Linking wizard.  The wizards are similar, though the Conditional Report Linking wizard includes an additional step. Reports can be linked using unconditional or conditional links:

Unconditional links - use an unconditional link to open a specific report when you drill down on any value in the parent report’s linked column. The content in the linked report can vary depending on the report’s filters and the value you drill down on, but you will link to the same report regardless of the value selected in the parent report’s column. This functionality is similar to drilling down on a value in a column to open another report level.

Conditional links - use conditional links to open different reports when you drill down on different values in the parent report’s linked column. For example, you could add two conditional links to a column that lists a contact’s service level agreements to open two different reports, depending on the SLA that is drilled down on. Just as with unconditional links, the content in the linked reports can vary depending on the linked reports’ filters and the values you drill down on.

For more information on linked reports and the steps to access each Report Linking wizard, refer to the 'Linking reports' section in online documentation for your version, located in Answer ID 5168: Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.