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Differing numbers of file attachments on answers
Answer ID 2666   |   Last Review Date 11/27/2018

Why do I have more attachments on an answer on the end user pages than I have in the attachments tab on the answer console?


Attachments to published answers
Oracle Service Cloud, All versions


The reason that the end user answer has more attachments on the end user page than you can see in the answer console is due to a missing element in the answer workspace you are using. The attachments tab in the answers workspace can be configured in such a way that you can attach two categories of attachments:

- Attachments for this answer (default)

- Attachments for this answer and all sibling answers (not enabled by default)

To see all attachments that are associated to an answer and its siblings you will need to enable the ability to see the "Attachments for this answer and all sibling answers" sections within the workspace you are using. The answer workspace can be found under the Interfaces section of your profile. If you are using a default workspace it will need to be copied before you can edit it as the default workspaces are read only. For more information on copying a workspace, refer to Answer 2483: Setting up a new workspace.

Once you have an editable workspace, you can add the "Attachments for this answer and all sibling answers" sections within the attachments tab of the workspace as follows:

1) Click on Attachments tab

2) Click on attachments object in the body of the attachments tab

3) From the Design ribbon > Options section, set the "Siblings Visible" property to "True"

4) Note that the attachments object in the body of the tab is now split and has a "Attachments for this answers and all sibling answers" section.

5) Save and close the workspace.

All agents using profiles that you associate the modified workspace to will have to log out and back into the console to see this change.

Now when adding attachments, you can see you have two options for adding attachments. You should now be able to see the extra attachments in the answer console in the "Attachments for this answer and all sibling answers" sections of the workspace that were previously only visible on the end user pages.

For more information on setting up a workspace, refer to Answer 2518: Setting properties in workspaces.

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