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Oracle B2C Service Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Practice
Answer ID 2591   |   Last Review Date 11/14/2022

Event Summary and Root Cause Analysis (RCA)


This answer applies only to Oracle B2C Service. For Oracle Field Service customers, please see Oracle Field Service Cloud Production Event Notification (PEN).

If you are currently experiencing a service disruption and need assistance, create a Service Request at Ask Technical Support

Event Summary

IT services and infrastructure have been redefined by cloud computing. Effective, timely notifications about a service degradation event or an outage is crucial in a cloud environment. Oracle understands the importance of these communications and provides an Event Summary to ensure that necessary information is presented on time to proactively address customer inquiries. The Event Summary provides a short synopsis of a service outage or performance degradation including which systems were impacted and the action(s) that restored service to conclude the event. 

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

The RCA notification provides additional information about the service outage or performance degradation to help Oracle Cloud Customers understand the impact of these events on their businesses, the initial cause of the event, and the corrective actions Oracle has taken to reduce the likelihood of recurrence. The RCA fulfills an organization's requirements to have a deeper understanding of the cause(s) of a significant service outage or performance degradation.


Event Type Description
  • Impact to the Oracle Cloud production environment, lasting more than 15 minutes 
  • Issue that prevents Oracle Cloud Operations from fulfilling customer service level agreement (SLA) requirements 
  • Third-party system outages, such as load balancer issues, which last more than 15 minutes 
    • Note: This does not include third party products that are outside of the Oracle Cloud (e.g., an external site that integrates with Oracle B2C Service or a widespread internet service provider outage)
Performance Degradation 
  • Short-lived, but recurring or persistent issues
  • Service performance degradation that lasts more than 15 minutes 
  • Maintenance windows that last longer than the projected duration
  • Partial service failure events that last more than 15 minutes 


Event Type          Description
 Impact to cloud environments or services, where one or both were unavailable or inaccessible and meet all of the following criteria: 
  • At least one production site was impacted
  • The impact was longer than 60 minutes (1 hour)
  • Supported version(s) of the Oracle B2C Service product were affected
  • The outage was not planned or the outage exceeded the planned downtime by greater than 60 minutes (1 hour)
  • The cause of the issue was within the Oracle Cloud
  • The outage or degradation was not caused by the customer affected
  • The root cause does not already have a documented solution on a newer version of the product
If not all of these qualifications are met, please request an Event Summary.


Our development team may publish an Event Summary instead of an RCA document in cases where the event does not qualify for a formal RCA.  These cases may include, but are not limited to

  • If the outage was caused by a product defect or
  • If the issue was caused by a misbehaving/misconfigured customization or
  • If the issue did not involve actual service unavailability for greater than 60 minutes.
In the case of a service disruption caused by a product defect, Oracle B2C Service Support will communicate through the Service Request information regarding the nature of the defect, a remediation plan, and potential workarounds.


The following events do NOT qualify for an RCA or Event Summary: 

  • Restart operations requested by the customer 
  • Issues on unsupported versions of a Cloud service 
  • Issues that have been fixed on newer versions 
  • Outages caused by the customer impacted
  • Outages affecting trial, internal, stage, or test environments 
  • Outages for products that exist and operate outside of Oracle Cloud (e.g., third-party products that integrate with Oracle B2C Service or widespread internet service provider outages)
  • Outages that were resolved greater than 30 days prior


Obtaining an RCA

Oracle B2C Service customers can request RCAs for issues or outages that have occurred within the past 30 days by opening a new service request at Ask Technical Support or updating the appropriate service request on the support site. 

RCA documents are produced in English and are typically provided to affected customers as soon as the root cause analysis is complete. Oracle B2C Service Technical Support updates the associated service request, which allows customers to then download the RCA documents.

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