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Oracle B2C Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Practice
Answer ID 2591   |   Last Review Date 06/02/2021

Root Causes Analysis (RCA) provides insight into causes of service outages


Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for Oracle B2C Service (OSvC)

This answer applies only to Oracle B2C Service.  For Oracle Field Service customers, please see Oracle Field Service Cloud Production Event Notification (PEN).


A Root Cause Analysis (RCA) document (formerly known as a Service Exception Report or SER) is an official English-language document shared with Oracle B2C Service customers which contains information on a specific service outage or performance degradation.

The process of creating a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) document is used to:

  • Identify and better understand the cause(s) of a significant service outage or performance degradation for the Oracle B2C Service
  • Provide in-depth and transparent insight regarding a service outage or performance degradation
  • Identify and implement adequate controls and measures to ensure that the problem does not recur


RCA Contents

Root Cause Analysis documents contain:

  • Detailed event narrative
  • Type of event (unplanned outage, performance degradation, or other)
  • Event timeline, including impact start and service restoration time
  • Affected applications and systems
  • Root cause information
  • Corrective actions and/or preventative actions


RCA Qualifications
An event qualifies for an RCA if all of the following are true:

  • At least one production site was impacted
  • The impact was longer than 30 minutes
  • Supported version(s) of the Oracle B2C Service product were affected
  • The outage was not planned or the outage exceeded the planned downtime by greater than 30 minutes
  • The cause of the issue was within the Oracle Cloud
  • The outage or degradation was not caused by the customer affected
  • The root cause does not already have a documented solution on a newer version of the product

RCAs are provided for the following types of outages for Oracle B2C Service:

Types of Events

 Outage Type


  • Impact to the Oracle B2C Service production environment or services, where one or both were unavailable or inaccessible for longer than 30 minutes
  • Any issue that prevents Oracle Cloud Operations personnel from fulfilling customer SLA requirements
  • Third-party system outages, such as load balancer issues, which last more than 30 minutes

Note: This does not include third party products that are outside of the Oracle Cloud (e.g., an external site that integrates with Oracle B2C Service or a widespread internet service provider outage)

  • Short-lived, but recurring or persistent issues
  • Service performance degradation that lasts more than 30 minutes
  • Maintenance windows that last longer than the projected duration by more than 30 minutes
  • Partial service failure events that last more than 30 minutes


Obtaining an RCA

Oracle B2C Service customers can request RCAs for issues or outages that have occurred within the past 30 days by opening a new service request or updating the appropriate service request on the support site. 

Technical Support agents may also automatically request an RCA for an issue or outage that meets the criteria outlined above.

RCA documents are produced in English and are typically provided to affected customers as soon as the root cause analysis is complete. Oracle B2C Service Technical Support updates the associated service request, which allows customers to then download the RCAs.