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Admin_vis field in answer reports
Answer ID 2530   |   Last Review Date 09/26/2018

In our answer report, there is a filter for answers.admin_vis. What does that filter do?


Oracle B2C Service


The answers.admin_vis field can be added as a filter to answer reports. This filter allows you to delineate answers associated with different interfaces based on which products and categories the answer is assigned to.

If an answer is assigned to at least one product and category that is enabled for administration visibility for the interface that you are running the report from, then the answers.admin_vis field is evaluated as Yes.  This allows you to report on answers that are associated with products and categories for the interface you are working in.

The answers.admin_vis feature is not an actual field in the answers database table.  Therefore, it is not listed in the data dictionary and cannot be used as an output column in a report. It is only visible when adding filters to a report.

To add the admin_vis feature as a filter in a report, use the steps below:

  1. Open an answers report for editing.
  2. From the Home tab, click Add Filter from the Data Set section.  
  3. Right click in the Expressions field and select Answers > Admin Visibility.  The Expression field is populated with answers.admin_vis.
  4. Set the Operator field to in list and set the Value options to the default values you wish.
  5. Configure the rest of the filter, including adding a name and indicating whether it can be edited at run-time.
  6. Click OK and save the report.

By including a filter in the report with Answers.admin_vis equal to Yes, only the answers that are assigned to a product and category combination that are enabled for administration visibility for that interface are returned.  Answers that are assigned to product and category combinations that are only visible to other interfaces are not included in the report. This allows your knowledge engineers the ability to access only those answers with a product and category combination for the interface they work in.

If you do not include a filter for answers.admin_vis in the report, all answers in your site are eligible to be returned regardless of the product and category visibility.  This allows knowledge engineers the ability to access and manage all answers in their site while being logged in to a single interface.  Answers, of course, may be excluded based on other filters in the report.