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Shortcuts and hotkeys used in Oracle B2C Service
Answer ID 2488   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

What are the shortcuts or hotkeys that can be used with the Oracle B2C Service Console?


Oracle B2C Service, All versions


You can use several hotkeys and shortcut keys to help you navigate more easily in the Oracle B2C Service Console.  Please note, these hotkeys and shortcut keys cannot be disabled.

Appending Standard Text and Answers to Incidents 

The function keys below allow you to easily append a standard text or answer when working on an incident. To use the hotkey, you must know the shortcut for the standard response or the Answer ID for the answer of interest.

  • F8 -- Append Standard Text -- then enter the shortcut for the response
  • F9 -- Append Answer Text -- then enter the answer ID
  • F10 -- Append Answer Link -- then enter the answer ID

Adding a New Item 

Shortcut Key


 Ctrl + Shift + i  New incident
 Ctrl + Shift + a  New answer
 Ctrl + Shift + c  New contact
 Ctrl + Shift + o  New organization
 Ctrl + Shift + p  New opportunity
 Ctrl + Shift + t  New task
 Ctrl + Shift + g  New campaign
 Ctrl + Shift + m  New mailing
 Ctrl + Shift + d  New document
 Ctrl + Shift + y  New survey
 Ctrl + Shift + r  New report
 Ctrl + Shift + b  New dashboard

Tab Switching 

 Ctrl + Tab Return to previous content pane tab in history
 Ctrl + Shift + Tab Move forward to next content pane tab in history

Text Editing 

 Ctrl + c  Copy
 Ctrl + x  Cut 
 Ctrl + v  Paste 
 Ctrl + a  Select all 
 Ctrl + left/right arrow  Move forwards or backwards one word


 F3 Move to first field in Quick Search
 Esc Close window (only acts on windows not docked to the console -- does not affect docked tabs)

Record Editing 

 Ctrl + n  New (same item type)
 Ctrl + s  Save 
 Ctrl + Shift + s  Save and close
 F12  Save as 
 F7  Spell check 
 Ctrl + i  Information 
 Ctrl + p  Print 
 Del  Delete 
 Ctrl + f  Forward 
 F1  Help

Explorers and reports 

 Ctrl + n  New (uses default new selection)
 Ctrl + a  Assign
  F5  Refresh 
 Ctrl + e or Enter  Edit selected item
 Ctrl + f  Find (in an explorer)
 Ctrl + f  Forward (from a report)
 F2  Rename 
 Ctrl + r  Refresh 
 Ctrl + c  Copy 
 Ctrl + p  Print 
 Del  Delete
 F1  Help

Note:  The Ctrl+f functionality works differently if you are in an explorer or if you are using an incident or opportunity report.  When using an explorer (such as the Reports Explorer), the Ctrl+f shortcut brings up the Find feature.  From an incident or opportunity report, the Ctrl+f shortcut brings up the Forward feature so that you can forward the record that is selected in the report.

Ribbon Tab:  You can mouse over buttons on ribbons and tool tips which will display shortcut keys.  To display shortcut keys on the ribbon:

  1. While editing a record or working in an explorer, press Alt plus the first letter of the ribbon tab that you want to display shortcut keys for. For example, press Alt+h to display the shortcut keys on the Home tab of the ribbon.
  2. Type the keys associated with a particular button to perform the button's action. After using this method to perform an action, the shortcut keys no longer display.

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