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Logging end-users in automatically when they log in to a main web site
Answer ID 2464   |   Last Review Date 09/26/2018

Is it possible to set up our page so when someone logs into our web site, they are also logged in to our Oracle Service Cloud site as well?


Pass-Through Authentication feature (PTA)


With regards to your Oracle Service Cloud application, you can integrate Oracle Service Cloud with an external customer validation source. The Pass-Through Authentication feature (PTA) allows your users to log in to an external Web page and they are then automatically logged in to the Oracle Service Cloud end-user pages.

The external source supplies login parameters to the Oracle RightNow Service enduser pages by placing them in the URL of the a valid Oracle RightNow Service enduser page. As a result, your customers do not have to provide customer login data twice. The contact information will also be shared between the external source and Oracle RightNow Service, so contacts can be created and updated during the login to the Oracle RightNow Service end-user pages.

For configuration information and more, please see the following:

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