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Different answer types -- HTML, URL, and Attachment
Answer ID 2459   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

How can the different types of answers, HTML, URL and File Attachment be used?




You can create different answer types when adding answers to the knowledge base. Answer types allow more flexibility in providing information to your customers. There are three different kinds of answers; HTML, URL and File Attachment answers.

HTML - Answers that appear to customers as standard HTML on the customer portal. When you create an HTML answer, you can use the HTML editor to view answers as customers will see them. This is the standard answer type.  It contains a Summary field, Question field and an Answer field. 
URL - Answers that consist of a link to an external URL. The URL address and the content of the web page are displayed. It does not contain a Question or Answer field. 
File Attachment - Answers that appear as file attachments. File attachment answers link to information contained in another document and appear to customers on the customer portal as file attachments. When the end-user clicks the summary that is listed, the attachment opens for viewing. This answer type does not contain a Question or Answer Field.


Opening URL and File Attachment answers in new windows:  Customer portal solution: By default, these answer types open in the existing window. To change this behavior, refer to Answer ID 4227: Opening URL and File Attachment Answers in Customer Portal

Indexing content in URL and File Attachment answers:  With URL and attachment-type answers, the attachment is indexed as well as the URL that the answer points to.