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Creating dashboards to run multiple reports at the same time
Answer ID 2447   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

What is a dashboard and how do I use it?




A dashboard is any combination of reports and components shown together on the content pane. This makes it easy to view and search several reports at the same time.  Dashboards are opened from the reports explorer the same way a report is. Dashboards show current data when opened.   

There are several dashboards built into the Oracle B2C Service application. You can copy and edit these by right clicking on them from the reports explorer.

To create a dashboard: 

  1. Select the Analytics navigation button from your navigation set area. Select Reports Explorer, and click New Dashboard from the top ribbon. 

  2. Drag and drop the reports you want from the Reports Explorer listing to the dashboard design pane, positioning them where you want. When you drag a report to the design pane, you will see positioning markers that show you where the report will be placed once you have dropped it.  

  3. Click Save.

You can change the number of reports in your dashboard by changing the layout. Click Home > Layouts at the top of the window and choose the layout you want for your dashboard.

Adding more reports to a layout:  You can add more reports by doing the following:  When you drag your report over the top of one of the sections (whether there is a report in it or not), two sets of arrows will show up.  If you drop the report when the section is red, it will put the report in that section as defined.  If you drag it over to one of the arrows that are in the center of the section, it will split the section and place the report in the section highlighted in blue.  The same is true for the outer arrows, but they refer to the entire space rather than just the section in question.  

Adding other Components:  In addition to reports, you can also add specific components to a dashboard. Additional components are available at the bottom of the Reports Explorer tab. You can drag and drop the Notifications component to a dashboard to alert staff members of notices that come up.  If B2C Service Chat is enabled, you can also drag and drop a chat component to allow staff members to monitor chats. 

For more information about dashboards, refer to the 'Creating Dashboards' section in online documentation for the version your site is currently on.  To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.