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Broadcasting a notification to other staff members
Answer ID 2389   |   Last Review Date 10/20/2021

How can I broadcast a notification to other staff members? 


Agent Pop-up Notifications, Broadcasting, Toast Notifications
Oracle B2C Service


Broadcasting a notification will send a pop-up, also known as a "toast" message, that displays briefly on staff members' desktops. Notifications can be sent to individual staff members or to all staff members who are logged in.

Message Template: An Administrator Notifications type message template called Custom Notification defines whether Broadcast Notifications can be sent for the site.  Make sure you have enabled the checkbox for this template within the System area.  

Profile permissions: To broadcast a notification to staff members, you must have the Broadcast Notification permission in your staff profile.  The Broadcast Notification feature can be enabled on the Administration tab. When enabled, the New button is enabled on the Notifications window.

In addition, the staff member's navigation set must include the Notifications navigation item.  Typically, the Notifications item is added to the Communications Center navigation button.

Sending a broadcast notification: When you broadcast a notification to other staff members, they will receive a toast notification only. They do not receive an email. Therefore, no mailbox is required for this functionality.

You can broadcast notifications without having a Service or Outreach mailbox configured, and without RNMD (RightNow Mailer Daemon) utility being enabled.

To broadcast a notification:

  1. From the admin Console, select Communication Center > Notifications.
  2. From the Notifications window, click New.
  3. To broadcast a notification to all users, check the "Send to all logged in Users" check box.
  4. To broadcast a notification to individual users, click the To button and select the users name from the list.
  5. Type the message you want sent in the Message field.
  6. Click Send Message.

Note: If a notification is sent to an individual user who is not logged in, the user will receive the notification when they do log in.  However, they will not receive notifications broadcast to all users logged in.  For broadcasts sent to all logged in users, the recipient must be logged in at the time the notification was sent. Additionally, the broadcast notification will appear to the logged in agent after they perform most any action within the console (i.e. run or refresh a report, save an incident, etc.).