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Associating an incident to a different contact record
Answer ID 2382   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

How do I change an incident to be associated to a different contact?


Contact/Organization association to Incidents


Oracle Service allows you to change the primary contact associated with an incident. If you change the primary contact associated with an incident, the organization information is replaced with the newly-associated contact's organization. If the contact is not associated with an organization, then the organization tab is grayed out with no data.

Note: It is not possible to assign group of incidents to another contact record using the standard multi-edit incident workspace. Each incident must be edited individually to change the contact association.

You can change the primary contact associated to the incident. After changing the contact, you must still save the incident in order for your change to take affect.

  1. From the open incident, click the name listed in the Contact ID field and select Change.
  2. In the pop-up window, search for the contact record to associate to.
  3. Highlight the new contact and click Select. The contact name for the newly associated contact displays in the Contact ID box.
  4. If you wish to remove the previous contact association, go to the Contacts tab.  Highlight the previous contact and select Remove.
  5. From the incident, click Save or Save and Close.


By default, when you change the primary contact associated to the incident, the original contact remains associated to the incident as a secondary contact. As a secondary contact, they will still receive copies of all responses sent for the incident.

In February 2009 and later releases the initial contact is no longer associated to the incident after a change has been made.

You can also remove the original contact after you have changed contacts by clicking the Contact tab and scrolling to the bottom. Then, highlight the original contact's record and select Remove.