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Our secondary interface did not send the Outreach mailing
Answer ID 2303   |   Last Review Date 11/25/2019

How can I make sure our Outreach mailings are sent from our secondary interface?


Outreach, Feedback, Mailboxes


If you are using Oracle B2C Service Outreach across multiple interfaces, ensure that separate mailboxes have been configured per interface.

For secondary interfaces, Oracle B2C Service Technical Support can create a hosted Outreach mailbox for your use. Refer to Answer ID 331: Setting up mailboxes in Oracle B2C Service for more information on this process.  You can then add that mailbox to your Outreach Mailboxes table.

If you had tried to send a mailing from an interface that did not have an Outreach mailbox configured in the Outreach Mailboxes table, you can relaunch that mailing by editing the mailing, setting it to launch and saving the mailing. This will trigger the mailer to send those messages.