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Adding a quote to a sales opportunity
Answer ID 2293   |   Last Review Date 09/24/2018

How do I add a quote to a sales opportunity?


Sales Opportunities


The Quotes tab in an open sales opportunity is where you can add and edit sales quotes for prospective or current customers. When you add a quote, you add products to the quote, price information, and additional details about the quote.

Details of a quote sent to a customer are automatically saved as a note in the opportunity the quote is attached to. The following details will be saved: From, To, Cc, BCC, Format, Attachments, Subject and Comments.  Only fields that contain data will be displayed in the opportunity note.

To add a quote to a sales opportunity, use the steps below:

  1. Open the Opportunity for editing. 
  2. Click the Quotes tab. 
  3. Click Add New
  4. To select products from the product catalog (if defined), you must first set the Price Schedule.
  5. Drag and drop the products to the right frame.
    Use the Ctrl or Shift keys to select multiple products.
    Note: Product information as configured in the product catalog will populate in the Products section. Click Edit to modify the Quantity, and Discount fields to customize the product for this specific quote. 

If you have defined quote templates for your application, you can merge a quote template with your quote using the steps below. For more information on creating quote templates, refer to Answer ID 2005: Adding or editing a quote template.

  1. From the Quotes tab in the sales opportunity, highlight the sales quote and double click or click Edit in the Action column. 
  2. In the Quote Document section of the pop-up window, click Attach Quote.  
  3. Select the template from the pop-up window.
    The quote template will appear as a Word document on the Quote Document Edit window.
  4. Complete the template and click Save or OK. Click OK in the Quote Edit window to save the quote. 
  5. To forecast the quote to close within the specified sales period, check the Forecast check box. When forecasted, the quote amount will appear on the Summary tab in the Rep Forecast field. 
  6. Click Send Quote and complete the fields in the pop-up window.

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