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Editing staff account or profile removes time zone
Answer ID 2231   |   Last Review Date 01/14/2019

Why do I get a warning when editing a staff profile? 


Oracle B2C Service


The warning that pops up is:

Due to configuration setting changes you made to this profile, the accounts using this profile will lose their time zone per account.


When editing staff accounts, the time zone field can only be used if the staff member's profile does not have any of the following options enabled:

  • Administration Settings
  • Incidents Add/Update
  • Incidents Send Response
  • Incidents Delete
  • Edit SLA Instances

As a result, the Time Zone field is only editable in the staff account if the staff profile does not have any of the above options enabled. If the staff account is saved with a profile that includes any of the above options, the time zone specified in the TZ_INTERFACE configuration setting is used. For information on this setting, refer to Answer ID 605: Setting the time zone in Oracle B2C Service.

When editing staff profiles, if you modify any of the options above, you will receive a pop-up warning indicating that due to changes made to the profile, staff accounts using that profile may lose their time zone setting for that account. You then have the option of proceeding and saving the changes or canceling.