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Analytics Error: Data Set has Exceeded Maximum Size
Answer ID 2223   |   Last Review Date 07/08/2019

Why are we getting a 'max size exceeded' error when generating select reports?




When we try to run one of our reports, we get the error: The data set generated has exceeded the configured maximum size (26211440 bytes 25.00 MB).


When running a report, the web server allows up to 2 GB of data to be returned to the client workstation. The 'Data Set has Exceeded Maximum Size' warning message indicates that the report has surpassed the 2 GB threshold. As a result, the report cannot be executed.

The number of filters used in a report also affects the file size returned. Custom reports cannot include more than 52 filters, including both fixed filters and run-time filters. If your report includes more than 52 filters, you will get this warning message when you try to run the report.

The size limit is controlled by configuration setting MAX_ANALYTICS_FILE_SZ. The maximum analytics file size threshold governs the maximum data set size that can be returned to the Oracle B2C Service client desktop when running a report. The default threshold is 15728640 (15MB), and the maximum threshold is 2147483647 (2GB). If exceeded, a message will display stating that the maximum data set size is exceeded, and the report will not execute. Please note, raising the limit could negatively impact database performance.

Therefore, if you get this message, review the configuration of your report to ensure that you do not exceed the number of allowed filters. In addition, evaluate how much data is being returned to determine how to break apart the report into several smaller reports that will allow you to generate the data you need.

Path to setting(s): Select Configuration from the navigation area > Site Configuration > Configuration Settings > and search by Key.

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