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Email Deliverability Group (EDG) and Spam Considerations and Policy
Answer ID 2195   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

What is Oracle B2C Service's Email Deliverability Group?


Email Deliverability Group (EDG)
Oracle B2C Service


Oracle B2C Service's Email Deliverability Group (EDG) is a standing committee that oversees all activities related to the delivery of email from our hosting mail servers. This includes all marketing and customer support email communications.

The EDG is chaired by the Vice President and General Counsel who is a member of the Company's Executive Management Team. The EDG includes representatives from the Marketing, Development, Hosting, Customer Service, and Professional Services departments. In addition, Oracle B2C Service has appointed an Email Deliverability Officer to support the EDG, and to be a source of deliverability expertise to Oracle B2C Service's staff and customers.

Oracle B2C Service takes any complaints regarding spam very seriously. If you have a complaint to report, please send an email to with an attachment of the offending email including all header information. A representative from Oracle B2C Service will promptly respond to any spam complaint via email, so please tell the complainant to make sure that they do not filter email from the or domains.

In addition, as spam proliferates, non-delivery has become a major aggravation for email service providers and marketers. To combat spam, Internet service providers are filtering out spam. The problem is that large amounts of valid commercial emails are filtered out with it. For many organizations, running an effective email marketing campaign has become a highly complex affair. These departments struggle to make their messages stand out and also to find ways to pass their messages through the bulk mail trap of increasingly effective spam filters.

Oracle B2C Service has also published a Best Practice document on Email Deliverability, please refer to the attached file.

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