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Resetting a locked staff account and password
Answer ID 2176   |   Last Review Date 05/14/2021

How do I unlock a staff account?


Staff Accounts
Oracle B2C Service


A staff member has locked their staff account. When they try to log in, they get a message indicating that their account is locked.


When a staff account is locked, the Account Locked flag in the staff record is enabled. Therefore, to unlock the record, a staff member who has access to the Staff Accounts table must edit the staff record to clear the flag. Using the steps below, they can also reset a password as needed.

  1. From the Configuration Items, select Staff Management > Staff Accounts by Group.
  2. Double click a staff account to open it for editing.
  3. Click the Account Locked check box so that it is clear.
  4. Reset the account password to allow the staff member to log in.
  5. Click Save and Close from the ribbon.
  6. Verify that the staff member can login.

If the staff member has forgotten their password, they can use the Login Help button to receive an account assistance email to reset their password. For issues with the account assistance email, see Answer ID 9245: Staff member not receiving the account reset password email.

Once the staff member has successfully logged in, they can change their password. The staff member can select Preferences > Change Password to update their password.

Usually, when an account has been locked, it is because a staff member has tried to log in with the incorrect password. After a specified number of attempts, the account will be locked by the system. By default, the user has five attempts to log in. After that, the account will be locked.

Note: Passwords are not interface specific.

You can change the number of login attempts through the Password Configuration menu. The path to edit this is: Configuration > Staff Management > Password Configuration > Number of Invalid Logins field.

In addition, if your password configuration is set to have passwords expire after a certain amount of time, the staff account will be locked after the appropriate time and grace period have passed.

Note: If the staff account has been permanently disabled, it can never be re-enabled. Instead, you must create a new staff account. To avoid confusion between the disabled account and the new one, you can edit the disabled account to remove the email address or to rename the account.

Per our security policy, Oracle B2C Service Technical Support engineers are not permitted to administer Staff Accounts for our customers’ sites; in particular resetting Staff Account passwords and/or unlocking Staff Accounts.  In the event that you have locked yourself out of your Staff Account, please contact your site administrator(s) to have your account unlocked.

Using the System-Defined Administrator account:
If you are the Primary Support Contact for your organization, and you have locked yourself out of your own Staff Account, please login with the System-Defined Administrator account to access and administer your Staff Account.

If you are the Primary Support Contact and you have no record of the system-defined Oracle B2C Service System-Defined Administrator account password, you can reset/retrieve this account from the tools in the Oracle Cloud Portal - Configuration Assistant.

Refer to the 'Resetting the system administrator password' section in the Service Cloud Configuration Assistant documentation.

If you are the Primary Support Contact and are unable to reset the password using Configuration Assistant, please submit a service request to Oracle B2C Service Technical Support and an agent will assist you with the System-Defined Administrator account password.  This request will need to be submitted by the Primary Support Contact for your organization, in writing and in a service request.

For additional information, refer to the 'Staff Management' section in the Online Help User Guide documentation for the version your site is currently running. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.