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Sorting and customizing reports after they have been run
Answer ID 2175   |   Last Review Date 11/14/2018

How can I allow our staff the ability to sort and customize the report output columns?


Analytics, Profile Permissions, Staff ability to modify report display


The ability for staff to customize generated reports is specified within the staff profile. The Customize Reports option on the Analytics tab must be enabled in order for staff to be able to modify a report's output format after that report has been generated.

When the Customize Reports option is enabled, staff can right click on a column heading in a generated report and select from the following options:

  • Edit Format
  • Edit Calculations
  • Sort Ascending
  • Sort Descending
  • Hide Column
  • Insert Hidden Column

In addition, when the staff member's profile has the Customize Reports option enabled, the staff member can click the column heading to sort the report records in ascending or descending order. 

Note: By holding the Shift key down, staff can choose to sort multiple columns. Clicking more than once on a column heading will toggle the sort order between ascending and descending.

This option also gives staff the ability to access Analyze options on the Reports ribbon.

Customizing report parameters: Staff who can customize their reports can also set specific default search parameters for the report.  That is, they can customize the search parameters so that the next time they access the report, the report runs based on the custom parameters instead of the default parameters configured in the report.

To save custom search parameters, the staff member can click the Search button and then modify the run-time filters. Then, the staff member can click Save Defaults in the lower section of the pop-up window. Then, when the staff member opens the report the next time, the customized parameters are set as the default values.

To enable the Customize Reports option, use the steps below:

  1. From the Configuration Items, select Staff Management > Profiles. 

  2. Open the profile associated to the staff account and click the Analytics button on the ribbon. 

  3. Enable the Customize Reports check box. See below for more specific options.

  4. Save the Profile.

Creating and editing reports: 
The Customize Reports option only affects the ability to modify generated reports.  This option does not allow staff the ability to create new reports or edit existing reports.  

•  The Create/Edit Reports box on the Analytics tab in the profile allows staff to add new private reports and modify existing reports in the application. The staff member can only edit the report if the report is configured to allow editing by that staff profile. This permission is required to open the Reports explorer.

•  The Create/Edit Public Reports box on the Analytics tab in the profile allows staff to add new reports and save them to the Public Reports section. Staff cannot save them to the system-defined folders that contain the standard reports, but staff can create custom folders in the Public Reports section and create and save reports in that area. 

For additional information, refer to the 'Select Analytics permissions' section in the Online Help User Guide documentation for the version your site is currently running. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.