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Disabling or removing tabs in incidents and answers
Answer ID 2171   |   Last Review Date 01/13/2019

Can I disable or remove some tabs in incidents and answers?


Oracle B2C Service, All supported versions


Within the administration side of your application, tabs are enabled and disabled by editing the workspace used by the staff member. The workspace defines the order and layout of fields and tabs when editing the different records.

Workspaces are configured for use with staff profiles, so if you edit a workspace all staff members whose profiles call out that workspace are affected.

Default workspaces cannot be edited. If you need to remove a tab from a default workspace, you must first copy the default workspace and edit the copy. Then, be sure to edit the appropriate staff profiles to call out the copied workspace that you edited. That way, your staff will be using the modified workspace with the appropriate tabs removed.

To determine which workspace to edit: Open the staff profile and determine which workspace is used to edit the record type of interest, such as for Incident, contact, or answer records.

If you do not know which profile a staff member uses, open the staff account and see which profile is listed for that staff member.

Next, go to Configuration > Application Appearance > Workspaces/Workflows.  Navigate to the folder containing the workspace and in the right frame, right click on the workspace and select Open.  Use the options and steps outlined below to make your changes.

To hide a tab, this can be done directly within the workspace editor: 

  1. First, open the workspace for edit
  2. Select the tab you wish to hide
  3. From the Home ribbon at the top of the console, select the 'Hidden' option
  4. Select to hide this tab when a New record is being opened, an Existing record is being opened, both or based on Profile
  5. Save the workspace

To make the contents of a tab read only:

  1. Open the workspace for edit
  2. Select the area or field within a tab you wish to make read only
  3. From the Home ribbon at the top of the console, select the 'Read Only' option
  4. Select to have the element read only when a New record is being opened, an Existing record is being opened, both or based on Profile
  5. Save the workspace

To remove a tab from a workspace, use the steps below:

  1. Open the workspace for edit, right click on the tab and select Delete.  
  2. Read the delete confirmation and select Yes to delete the tab.  
  3. Save the workspace.

When staff members create or open records the element will either be hidden or disabled for editing accordingly. 

It is also possible to hide workspace tabs or set specific elements as read only through the use of workspace rules. For more information on workspace rules, refer to the 'Adding workspace rules' section of online documentation for your version. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.

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