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Accessing sibling answers
Answer ID 2163   |   Last Review Date 02/25/2019

When editing an answer, we do not see the sibling answers on the Relationships tab.


Answers, Workspaces


Within an answer workspace, sibling answers and sibling features are visible depending on how specific properties in the workspace are configured or added. 

Sibling features in a workspace: Within an answer workspace, features can be added/removed or enabled/disabled as they relate to sibling answers:

  • On the Relationships tab, the Sibling Answers section can be added or removed from the tab. When added, sibling answers are listed and can be opened for editing.
  • On the Files / Attachments tab, a section with the heading Attachments for this answer and all sibling answers can be enabled for display using the Siblings Visible option on the Design ribbon.  When enabled, two sections for attachments display on the tab.
    The top section appends files to the individual answer that is being edited. The lower section appends files to display with the answer being edited AND all of its sibling answers.
  • On the Audit Log tab, a section with the heading Transactions that affect this answer and all sibling answers is part of the Audit Log Relationship Item. Once added, two sections display on the Audit Log tab.
    Edits to the individual answer, including edits to the answer content and custom fields, are included in the top section on the Audit Log tab. Edits to the products and categories -- which are shared among siblings -- are listed as edits in the lower section on the tab.

Display options:  The Siblings Visible property associated with the relationship item on the Attachments tab of the workspace can be set to the following options:

  • True -- display the sibling feature for all answers, even for answers that have no siblings.
  • False -- do not display the sibling feature for any answer, even if the answer has siblings.

On the default workspaces, the Relationships and Audit Log are already added so that the sibling sections display all the time. The Attachments tab default is false so that the sibling section is not visible on the tabs.

Modifying sibling properties:  To enable the sibling information (if not already enabled) on the Attachments tab to display with an answer, you must enable the Siblings Visible property in the answer workspace. The SiblingsVisible property should be set to True based on your preferences.

  1. Open the answer workspace for editing. If using the standard workspace, you must copy the standard and then edit the copy.
  2. Click the Files / Attachments tab and click the item in the body of the tab.
  3. From the Design ribbon > Options section, set the Siblings Visible property to True.
  4. Save the workspace.
  5. If you copied the workspace and edited the copy, update the appropriate staff profile to use the workspace you just saved.