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Removing HTML tags from a report
Answer ID 2144   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

How can I remove the HTML tags from displaying in my report?


Analytics, All versions


You can remove HTML tags from displaying in text and text area fields in your reports by editing the format of the column.  This includes the ability to remove HTML from:

  • Question and Answer fields in a report
  • Incident threads that uses the threads table
  • Notes fields
  • Custom fields that are a text field or a text area field type.

To configure your report to remove the HTML code from the output, use the steps below:

1. Open the report for editing.
2. Right-click on the column that you wish to remove the HTML from.

3. Select Edit Column Format.
4. In the pop-up window, enable the Strip HTML tags check box and click OK.
5. Save the report.

Note: This feature only removes items that are between the less than "<" or greater than ">" symbols and will not remove other items such as ascii codes. For example, if an ampersand character is used on an answer, the source code may look like &amp; or &#38; and this will not be removed by strip HTML tags.

To help illustrate, here is the above paragraph after the 'Strip HTML' option is enabled: