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Evaluating tracked link usage in Outreach mailings
Answer ID 2139   |   Last Review Date 11/25/2019

For our Outreach mailings, how can we determine which tracked links were clicked most and by whom?


Outreach and Feedback, Mailings
Oracle B2C Service


When Oracle B2C Service Outreach is enabled, several system-defined reports are available to evaluate how tracked links within your mailings are used. This allows you to determine which types of tracked links are clicked most frequently. You can also view which contacts clicked which links in a specific document.

From the mailing itself, you can click the Results tab to view the number of clicks and unique clicks for each tracked link in the mailing.

  • The Tracked Link Activity report is embedded on the Results tab. This report lists the tracked links from your mailing and includes both the total number of clicks and the number of unique clicks (from different contacts).

  • The Click-Through Activity report is at the bottom of the Results tab. This lists all clicks from the mailing, including tracked links and unsubscribe, forward to a friend and other form links.  Click View Results to see the mailed document along with statistics for each link in the document. The numerator indicates how many recipients clicked that link and the denominator indicates the number of recipients.

In addition, several system-defined reports associated with tracked link activity are located in a single Outreach folder. To access these reports use the path: Reports Explorer > Outreach folder > Tracked Links folder.

  • Tracked Link Activity Drilldown: this report displays the tracked links in a specific mailing and the total and unique clicks for each link. In addition, you can double-click on the row to view which contacts clicked that tracked link.

  • Tracked Link Activity Over Time: this report displays the total and unique clicks for tracked links for a specific time period across multiple mailings.  This allows you to see link activity for all links for a set time period.

  • Web Traffic Summary:  this report lists the total and unique clicks for tracked links for a specific time period you select. Total and unique clicks are reported based on the Tracked Link categories configured for your site. This allows you to compare clicks across the categories you have defined. Then, you can drill down into a specific sub-category and ultimately drill down the specific tracked links.