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Additional number included in email responses
Answer ID 2107   |   Last Review Date 09/26/2018

Our outgoing email responses to our customers include an unusual number at the bottom of the message, similar to the following: [---001:000476:29673---]


Email Gateway, Outgoing email messages
Oracle B2C Service


When the reply-between-the-lines feature is disabled, a byte count is included in text email that contain incident responses. This byte count is necessary when the EGW_REPLY_BETWEEN_ENABLED configuration setting is disabled or the mailbox configured does not force the reply-between-the-lines feature.

Note: The byte count is only included in text email messages. If the response email message is sent as HTML, the byte count is not required and the byte count does not display at the bottom of the HTML-enabled email messages. To check the configuration of the messages, From the Configuration items, select Site Configuration > Messages.

The byte count is used to determine the amount of content in the original message so that when the customer replies to the email, there is an indication of whether part of the update was entered above the response or whether part of the reply was entered inline within the original block of the response that was sent.

If the customer replies and enters content within the original block of the response, then the byte count changes and the entire response is updated within the incident. If the contact only adds a reply above the original response, the byte count does not change and only the content above the original response is updated in the incident.

For more information on the byte count, refer to Answer ID 2017: Removing Reply-Between-the-Lines from Emails. Comprehensive information about this functionality is also included in the RightNow Documentation. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.

The HTML version of the email messages manages this differently than the text version and therefore a byte count is not required. If you can use the HTML format of messages, then you will not see this value. To edit the message type, access the Messages table using the path: Common Configuration > Communication Configuration > Messages.  In May 10 and later releases the path is:   Configuration > Site Configuration > Interfaces > Contact Emails (in the Ribbon)