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Including more years in the custom date fields
Answer ID 2055   |   Last Review Date 08/09/2020

How can I increase the maximum year displayed for our custom date fields?


Configuration Settings, Date Fields, All versions


The maximum value for a year menu is specified in the configuration setting, EU_MAX_YEAR. This setting specifies the maximum year displayed in drop-down menus for date fields on the end-user pages.

This setting supports three types of values:

1) offset values such as -5 or +5 which return the current year +/- the offset
2) an actual year value (between 1970 and 2100)
3) a blank value which returns the current year. Default is blank

Note: While this configuration supports values up to 2100, the product will currently only store dates up to 2038. Values above 2038 are only recommended if being used within an external integration.

Additionally, these values can also be configured directly through the DateInput widget using the 'max_year' and 'min_year' parameters. To view the widget documentation please navigate to the Custom Portal Administration Site.

Path to setting(s): Select Configuration from the navigation area > Site Configuration > Configuration Settings > and search by Key.

When custom date fields are enabled for editability on the Ask a Question page (by enabling the End-user Edit checkbox in the Visibility section of the custom field), the month, date, and year fields are drop-down menus.