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Changing the size of a text area field in a web form
Answer ID 2039   |   Last Review Date 04/09/2019

How can we change the size of the text area field as it displays on the form?


Outreach / Feedback, Outbound Emails, Surveys, Mailings, Campaigns
Oracle B2C Service


When adding a custom text area field to a web form in your Outreach/Feedback document, the size of the field is controlled by the underlying HTML for the form.

The code associated with the field is similar to the following. You can modify the height and width called out in the style attribute.

<p><rntfield id="57" tbl="2" required="false" style="WIDTH: 600px; HEIGHT: 200px">Field Name</rntfield></p>

To modify the size of the field, use the steps below:

  1. Open the mailing for editing and click the Messages tab.

  2. Click the Source tab at the bottom of the page and review the HTML code for the related field.

  3. Edit the WIDTH and HEIGHT attributes associated with the style attribute for the field.

  4. Save the mailing.