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Using an image as a tracked link with a mailing
Answer ID 2016   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

Is it possible to use an image as a tracked link?


Outreach / Feedback, Outbound Mailings


I would like to include an image in the content of a mailing so that when the recipient clicks the image the system will treat the link as a tracked link.


With outbound mailings, it is possible to include a tracked link with an image in the mailing. In order to add the tracked link to a mailing, you must create it within your site. For more information on creating tracked links, refer to Answer ID 1848: Creating and using tracked links with mailings.

Once you have created the tracked link, use the steps below to include an image for the link.

  1. Create a new mailing by selecting New > Mailing or open an existing mailing from the Mailings explorer.
  2. Click the Messages tab.
  3. Click the Tracked Link item in the Toolbox.
  4. In the pop-up window, select the tracked link to use.
  5. In the Text field (which displays in red since it is required) enter the HTML code for the image to use. The path defined in the image source should be the absolute path to ensure that all recipients can view the image in the mailing. For example:

    <img src="http://domain.filename.gif" />
  6. Complete the Class, Style, and Target fields as you wish and click OK.
  7. Save the mailing.

To view the HTML code used for the mailing, click the Source tab.