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Using the CC or BCC field with an incident response
Answer ID 1972   |   Last Review Date 01/14/2019

How do the CC and BCC fields work?


Incident Response, All versions


1. When editing an incident thread, you can display the CC and BCC fields by clicking the Options button on the Messages tab toolbar.  Enable the check box next to either, or both, of these options and click OK.

2. Next, enable the Send on Save check box.


3. Click the CC or BCC button to open a window that lists all available accounts, staff groups, distribution lists or other addresses within the application.

You can also type the email address directly into the field.  A semicolon is the default delimiter used for multiple addresses.

NOTE: These fields are a one-time copy of the incident response. Addresses included for a specific sent response do not automatically receive additional responses.

Alternateemail custom field:

Alternatively, you can include a specific custom field named Alternateemail that does retain addresses to be copied (not blind copied) on all responses sent for the incident. The custom field can also be enabled to display on the end-user pages.

If you add the Alternateemail custom field, an administrator must add the field to the appropriate incident workspaces used by your staff members. The custom field is not automatically added to the incident workspaces.

For more information on configuring the alternateemail custom field (CC:) option, refer to Answer ID 17: Sending incident responses to more than one email address.