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Staff accounts are not displaying in the Staff table
Answer ID 1963   |   Last Review Date 12/30/2018

How can I access staff accounts that are missing from the Staff Accounts table?


Staff Accounts in Oracle B2C Service


When working with staff accounts, by default, accounts that are disabled do not display initially in the accounts listed in the left frame of the page. When viewing staff accounts, there is an option to either display or hide disabled accounts.

To see the disabled accounts: in the left-frame where the groups are listed, right click in an open area and select Show Disabled. Then, if you wish to hide them again, you can right click and select Hide Disabled.

Similarly, you can select options to expand the entire list of staff accounts or collapse the entire list of accounts.

This feature is useful for applications that may have several staff accounts that have been disabled for some reason. This allows administrators to most easily access only those accounts that are enabled.