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Mass editing hyperlinks in answers
Answer ID 1950   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

How can I mass update our hyperlinks in answers?


Answers, Variables


If you use the same URL and hyperlink in several answers, you can define an answer variable for that specific hyperlink. Then, instead of adding the same hyperlink over and over throughout your answers, add the answer variable to the content of your answers.

Then, when you need to update the URL in the link, you can edit the answer variable. The change to the answer variable will take effect in all answers where that variable is used. The change will take effect when the answer variable is saved. There is no need to edit or update the answers that include the variable.

Note: Within a specific interface, each unique URL would need a separate answer variable defined. If your site has multiple interfaces, you can define a single answer variable and then modify the specific content that displays for each interface separately for that variable. That is, the content for interface A can be different than the content for interface B.

For more information on creating answer variables, refer to Answer ID 415: Creating and Using Answer Variables.