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Disabling organization records from use
Answer ID 1926   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

How can I disable organization records within our site?


Workspaces, Profiles


Access to organization records and fields is controlled through staff profiles and workspaces. By editing the profiles and workspaces, you can remove all references to organization records.

Profiles: Edit staff profiles permissions so that the check boxes on the Organization tab are not checked. By disabling the staff member's ability to add, read, or edit organization records, they cannot access the organization workspace editors.

Note: Even with the features on the Organization tab disabled in the profile, workspaces are listed on that page. However, since the staff member cannot access org records in any capacity, it does not matter which workspaces are listed.

To access staff profiles, from Configuration, select Staff Management >  Profiles.

Workspaces: Organization information can also be referred to from other workspaces that include organization fields and tabs. For example, incident, contact, and opportunity workspaces, may include the Organization ID or Organization Name fields or may even include a custom tab that lists various organization fields.

Review your workspaces and remove any organization fields or tabs.

Workspaces are accessed from the Configuration items by selecting Application Appearance > Workspaces.