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Moving a staff account to another group
Answer ID 1915   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

How do I move a staff account to another group?


Staff Accounts


Before moving an account to another staff group, review the records assigned to that staff member, such as incidents, answers, and opportunities to determine if those records should be reassigned to another staff member.

For more information on the effects of moving an account, refer to Answer ID 1004: Effect on other tables when a staff account is deleted or moved

To move a staff account, open the standard 'Staff Accounts by Group' report under Staff Management.  You can open an account for edit and change the group that way, or you can simply drag the staff record into another group listed on the left.

Dependency Checks: When you move a staff account, the system does a check to see where that account is referenced. For example, the system checks for where the account is used in rules.

If the specific account is used in a rule (such as incidents being assigned or emailed to that account), then you will get a 'Dependency Conflict' pop-up message when you try to move the account. The message indicates which rules, views, and reports include actions or criteria for that specific staff account.

Before you can move the account to another group, you must edit each rule, view, or report listed to remove the specific reference to the account. For example, if a rule assigns incidents to the staff member, you must first edit the rule to either remove that action or assign the incidents to another staff member. If you remove that action from the rule, then that rule is no longer dependent on that account. Similarly, if a report filters incidents by the staff member, you must remove that filter from the report before you can move the account to another group.

Once all of the dependencies are cleared for the account, you can then move the account.

For information on changing the display order of staff accounts, refer to Answer link 4392: Changing the order of staff accounts in the assigned field.