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Creating a new incident for an existing contact
Answer ID 1758   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

How do I create a new incident for an existing contact?


Contacts, Creating associated incident


From an open contact record, you can add an incident for the contact by clicking the Incidents tab and clicking New.  The new incident record displays in a separate window with the Contact ID populated.

Add content to the new incident and click OK.  It is important to understand that at this point, the incident is not yet created. The child record (in this case, the incident) does not get created until the parent record is saved. You must save the contact record in order to actually create the incident.

You can also create a new incident and associate the contact record to the new record.  From the RightNow Console, select New > Incident. Then, click the magnifying glass next to the Contact ID field to search for the contact record by name or email address. You can highlight the contact record and click Select.

The contact information populates the Contact ID field and the Contact tab. Add appropriate content to the incident and save the record.

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