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Sending incident responses to more than one email address
Answer ID 17   |   Last Review Date 09/13/2022

Can I enter both the original contact, as well as the main support addresses in the contact email address field?


Incident response messages, All versions


When sending responses, the contact email address field should have only a single address in it.

When editing an incident, you can enter additional email addresses in the CC  or  BCC field. The response is sent to all email addresses specified in those fields for that specific response. If you send a response later, you will need to re-add those addresses if you wish to copy the recipient again on a future response.

To do this, click the Options button to display the BCC field and CC field. You must select the Show BCC check box and Show CC check box on the Options window. The fields will show up once you click the Send on Save button. Refer to Answer ID 1972: Using the CC or BCC field with an incident response.

If you do not see the BCC field and or CC field when doing this, make sure that those setting are enabled in the permissions section of the workspace that you are using.

1. Open the workspace in edit mode

2. Select the tab the rich text editor is on and then click on the rich text editor

3. Click on the Permissions button located in the Options section of the Design tab in the ribbon (note you will need to make sure the rich text editor is selected to see this area

Adding secondary contacts to an incident

Any contact record in your site can be added to the incident as a secondary contact. The secondary contact does not have to belong to the same organization record as the primary.

To add a secondary contact, using the default workspace configuration, open the incident, click the Contacts tab and look for the Contacts sub-tab. Select Add New to add a new contact record or Add Existing to search for and select an existing contact record. All contacts listed in that section will receive any response sent for that incident since they are either the primary contact or is a secondary contact


Adding a custom field for an alternate email address

To allow end-users the ability to enter additional email addresses for incidents, you could create a custom incident field named alternateemail that allows users to specify an email address to be copied on when a response is sent. 

In this case, the email address listed in the alternateemail field would be added to the CC: field when the response is sent. If this field is set up to allow end-users to edit the field, it will appear on the Ask a Question page and end-users will have the option of specifying additional addresses to receive copies of responses for the incident they are submitting.

To create the alternateemail custom incident field, use the steps below:

  1. Click the Configuration button on the navigation pane.
  2. Double-click Custom Fields under Database. 
  3. Select Incident under the Custom Fields tree.
  4. Click the New button on the ribbon. 
  5. Type the name you want to give your custom field in the Name text box. For example, Alternate Email.
  6. Click the Data Type drop-down and select Text Field or Text Area. 
  7. Enter information for each field using the specifications below.
    Column Name: alternateemail
    Default value: Leave blank
    Usage: Plain Text (Note: the Email Address option automatically sets the size of field to 80)
    Size of Field: Size of your choice, 255 is the max for Text Field.
    Required fields: Leave check box unchecked
    Interface Visibility: Check the Administration Display and Administration Edit check boxes. If you wish to allow end-users to access this field, check the End User Display and End User Edit check boxes.
  8. Click the Save button on the ribbon.

When creating this custom field, you can specify the size to be any numerical value up to 255 characters. Any characters exceeding the length you specify will be truncated when the incident is saved. As a result, if a list of several email addresses is entered, the last email may only be partially saved and incident responses cannot be sent to the truncated email address.

If a custom field with this name has been configured, Service will email a copy of the responses in the incident to the email address that is listed in the field.


Sending copies of all responses to someone

To send copies of all responses to an individual, you can set up a rule. You would not need to use the alternateemail custom field to do this. An example of this type of rule is:

For the appropriate state:
IF appropriate conditions of your choosing here
THEN Email > Email Incident Information > indicate recipient