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Rebuilding and reindexing the phrases table
Answer ID 1684   |   Last Review Date 11/30/2019

How do I rebuild our phrases table?


Answer and Incident Phrase Searching, Wordlist files
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


Adding or Removing Words to the Exclude Files

For a description of the exclude files, refer to Answer ID 1309: Excluding Words and Phrases from Searching.

If you have only added words to one of the exclude wordlist  files, you do not need to rebuild your phrases table. Adding words to these files does two things. It prevents the newly added words from being indexed into the phrases table the next time an answer or incident is added. It also excludes keywords entered in a search from being compared to the values in the existing phrases table.

Note: If you add several words to the file, consider rebuilding the phrases table anyway so that the overall size of the table can be reduced. Reducing the size of the phrases table can improve the speed of searches performed on your site.

If you have removed words from one or more of the exclude files, you do need to rebuild the phrases table. When you remove a word from either file, you are indicating that it should be included in a search. As a result, the incidents or answers need to be reindexed so that the words that were removed from the file(s) are now indexed and searchable.

Rebuilding the Phrases Tables

The phrases table for answers is separate from the phrases table for your incidents. To rebuild the phrases tables, the keywordindexer-k/keywordindexer-f utility must be run for your site in order for the words in the incidents and/or answers to be reindexed according to the new contents of the file. If you do not rebuild the index, changes to the text file (namely, the removal of words from the file) will apply ONLY to incidents and answers that are created or edited after the file was modified.

The process of reindexing your incidents and/or answers may take several hours depending on the number of incidents and answers in your knowledge base.

Taking the site off-line: When keywordindexer-f is run against your site, you can choose whether or not to take your site off-line.

For Hosted Customers:

If you have edited one or more of the exclude files, in order to reindex your keywords, we must run keywordindexer for your site. To request this action to be taken, submit an Ask Technical Support request to our Technical Support staff. In the assistance request, include the name of your site and which file you edited.