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Mailbox, Interface, and Source fields when editing incidents
Answer ID 1538   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

What are the Mailbox, Interface, and Source menu fields used for when editing an incident?


Incident Attributes


The Source field  indicates how the incident was created, such as from the Ask a Question page or from an email submittal.

The Source field is located on the Details tab by default and cannot be set manually. The Source field is set based on how the incident is created. For example, incidents created from the Oracle B2C Service Console initially display No Value in the Source field.  When the incident is saved and re-opened, the Source displays as CX Console - Incident Editor.

Note:  When adding a customer entry to the incident thread, staff can indicate the source of that specific thread by setting the value in the header to be By Phone, By Fax, By Post, By Web Form, or By Email.

The Mailbox field allows you to associate each incident to a specific mailbox. The Mailbox field is located on the Details tab.  By selecting a different mailbox when you edit an incident, you can override the default mailbox or the mailbox the incident was originally associated with. This means that future responses will be sent from the mailbox you select. Since different mailboxes can have different display names and different reply-to addresses, you can ensure that the incident is associated with the proper mailbox for the content of the incident.

Similarly, the Interface field allows you to specify the interface association of the incident. This allows agents to be logged into one interface but assign the incident to a different interface as necessary based on the source of the incident, i.e. a phone call or fax.

In most cases, these fields are used when creating a new incident from the administration consoles. When creating a new incident, the staff member can specify which source, mailbox and/or interface the incident is to be associated with. This allows a staff member to create an incident while logged in to one interface, and yet associate the incident to a mailbox used with a different interface or to a different interface entirely. This allows staff to be able to create incidents from incoming phone calls and remain logged in to a single interface while creating incidents across all interfaces as necessary.

You can modify the incident workspace to remove these fields.