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Seeing who is subscribed to public answers
Answer ID 1393   |   Last Review Date 02/20/2020

How can I see who is subscribed to our public answers?


Answers, Subscribers


To view a comprehensive list of which answers have subscribers and how many people have subscribed to each answer, you can either create a custom report that includes answer notification fields or use the standard reports mentioned at the bottom here. 

Note: For more information on creating custom reports, refer to

For example, a custom report using the fields below in the Output columns lists the subscribers to all answers in your site.

Create a Custom Report

You can include the Answers Notification table (ans_notif) when creating a custom report. The simple report below provides the answer ID, the answer summary, and the email address of the contact that is subscribed to that answer.

You could use the aggregate Count function to count the number of email addresses subscribed to each answer.

From the data dictionary, drag and drop the following fields as output columns:


The application will create inner joins between the data tables. You can manually create the joins between tables by clicking Properties > Data Set. In the pop-up window, click Select Table to add the Answers Notifications table. Then join the Answers table and the Contacts table to the Answers Notifications table.

Answers Notification Report

There are default Answer Notification reports you can also use. They are located under \Public Reports\Service\Site Reports\Answer Notifications. Their report ID(s) is: 1, 2, 3. 

  • Answer Notifications by Answers
  • Answer Notifications by Category
  • Answer Notifications by Product

The Answer Notification reports display the number of end-users who have subscribed to the answers listed in the report within the time period specified when generating the report. From the report, you can then drill down to view the list of specific customers and email addresses for the answer. This report includes individual answer notifications and product and category notifications.

The Answer Notification reports allows you to determine which answers, products, and categories your customers are most interested in for the time period specified. For example, you can generate the report for different months to determine if interest in specific answers is increasing or declining.