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Incidents are listed multiple times in a custom report based on thread entries
Answer ID 1348   |   Last Review Date 07/22/2019

We have created a custom report that uses the incident thread as part of the criteria. However, when we generate the report, why are the incidents listed multiple times?


Analytics, Incidents


When building custom reports based on the incident thread fields, there are actually several different types of threads, including the customer thread, the response thread, and the notes thread.

When configuring a custom report, you may inadvertently set up the criteria or the output to report on multiple incident threads. If that is the case, your report may output a row anytime the specific word is in a thread, regardless of whether that is a customer thread, a response thread, or a note thread.

Therefore, if you have an incident that contains "error" in two of these threads, you will see two output columns for that reference number. You may want to include the 'Incident Threads - Notes' in the output columns so that they can be differentiated, or you might want to limit the criteria to select from only one of the field types. The thread type can be found in the threads table (threads.entry_type). The Thread - Type is a numeric value and they are as follows:

  • 1 -- Notes
  • 2 -- Staff Account
  • 3 -- Customer
  • 4 -- Customer proxy
  • 5 -- Chat
  • 6 -- Rule Response
  • 7 -- Rule Response Template
  • 8 -- Voice Integration

By setting a criteria to be restricted to one of the incident thread types, only one type of thread entry will be evaluated when determining if the incident matches the criteria specified.

Obviously, there are a number of ways to format this data depending on your dataset. Functionality like Rollups, Slicing, and Group filtering can also be beneficial if adding additional filters is not an option.