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Editing the discussion thread of an incident
Answer ID 1332   |   Last Review Date 07/22/2019

How do I edit the discussion thread of an incident?


Incident Thread Control, Incident Thread Correction, Profile Permissions
Oracle B2C Service, all supported versions


- A customer has included sensitive information in the incident they submitted.

- A staff member saved a response that should have been an internal note. Our workspace is configured to commit the response on save.  We need to edit the thread so our customer does not see it.


Beginning in 18C, it is possible to edit or remove text and images from incident threads. 

It is also possible to convert an agent response that has been sent and committed to the thread to be an internal note. This allows you to retain the content of what had been sent at one time as part of the actual discussion.  By converting the thread into a note, the end-user is not able to see that part of the thread when viewing the incident from the My Account - Questions page or when another response to the incident is sent.

Prior to 18C, it is only possible to convert response threads to notes. It is not possible to edit thread text or remove images.


  • Once a response is converted to a note, it cannot be converted back to a response.
  • For response threads, only agent responses that have been committed to the incident thread are listed when using the thread conversion feature.
  • To access the Incident Thread Correction element, you must have Administration permissions and the Edit/Delete Committed Thread Content permission set in your profile.
  • See also Notable points in Incident Thread Redaction

Set Up:

  1. To add profile permissions, edit your Profile and select Permissions [from ribbon].
    1. From the Administration tab, select Administration
    2. From Service tab > under Incident Thread Administration > select the "Edit/Delete Committed Thread Content"
    3. Save profile
      1. See Profile Permissions for more information
  2. The Incident Thread Correction option is accessed from your navigation set: Configuration > Database > Incident Thread Correction. If it does not appear, use these steps to add it.
    1. Edit the navset associated with your profile
    2. Select Configuration > then expand Components > Service > and select "Incident Thread Correction" > Add

Steps to use the Incident Thread Correction feature:

  1. From Configuration, select Database > Incident Thread Type Correction

  2. Enter the reference number for the incident you wish to modify
    1. Select the 'Make a Note' check box to convert a response to a private note
    2. Select 'Remove Thread Images' check box to remove images from specified threads

  3. To edit thread text, right click on the thread you wish to edit and select 'Edit Thread'
    1. Make your changes. You can use 'Find' to search for a word or phrase in the incident thread.
    2. Click X to close the edit thread window once changes are complete

  4. Save changes

For additional information, refer to the Edit or Convert a Response Thread section in the Online Help User Guide documentation for the version your site is currently running. 

For more information, refer to Answer 1292: Committing content to the incident thread.

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